Impact of specialised crops on the Livelihood of tribal farmers in Visakhapatnam District

  Marapatla Gangayya

Gender discrimination and women empowerment among Dalits in Velpur village of Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh

   P. Jyothirmai

Employment and Empowerment - A study of Mahila Pranganams in North Coastal districts of Andhra Pradesh

  Swarna latha kusuma

The Concept Truth

  Dr. Bandi Vijaya Kumar

Social work profession and rural Development New dimensions of management education: Issues & imperatives

  Dr. Bandi Vijaya KumarLTCdr .K.Ravi Kumar
  Dr. G.Chandra Mouli

Value education: Inception to Institutionalization

  Putcha Chitti Babu

An overview of the Muslim oriented TV serials of India

  Zahoor Hussain Bhat

High correlation between language Commerce and technical contents: a study On j & k government upper primary schools

  Nazir Ahmad Mir
  Aamir Hussain Mir
  and Afrah Fathima

Urban informal sector:A study

  Surbhi Vohra

Role of collection development policy in Academic law libraries

  Dr. Burra Manikya Rao
  Dr. Padavala Sanjeeva Rao

Determination of optimum sowing dates for Sesame

  B.Rajendra Kumar and G. Ramesh

Socio-economic status of Dalit women in India: issues and perspective

  Dr. D. Tata Rao

Role of technology in improving efficiency in marketing the agricultural produce

  K.V.D.Janardhana Rao

A study on the value development among the Teacher trainees under various managements

  Dr. G. Elisha Babu

The status of Dalit women in India

  A. Uma Maheswara Rao,
  B. Garagapati. Varalakshmi

Higher education system in India

  Dr. R.S.Varahala Dora

Christian Ethics

  Dr. Koppolu Venkata Narayana

An ethno archaeological study of Peddamma Devara in Kurnool District of Andhra Pradesh

  Dr. Yadava Raghu

Press and media: role of participation in Development and sR activities

   G.L.V.Prasada Rao

Problems and prospects of Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, other back ward Castes and Miniority’s in bifurcation of State of Andhra Pradesh

  Dr. Medikonda Subbaiah