Terms & Conditions

The article should be sent according to the following guidelines:

Title: The title of paper/article should be short and accurate.

Authors/s Name and institutional affiliations only should be given with the title. Address, qualification, etc. may be provided at the end of the paper.

Introduction: It should pertain to specific area of the study and should cover only relevant researches. It should not be a long review of the subject area and details of history.

Abstract: Abstract of the paper should not be more than 200 words.

Methodology: This should cover Techniques, Sample and Tools/Measures

Results: Provide relevant facts only. Data may be given preferably in the form of tables or occasionally in figure/text but do not repeat same data in more than one form. Do not include too many tables. Try to combine these wherever possible. Use Arabic numerals for the table and figure numbers, these should be carefully planned to fit the production size of printed page.

References: For references at the end follow APA Style.

Offprint: An offprint of paper/article should be sent in MS-Word and in times new roman with font size 12 in double space and should be printed on one side of A4 paper.

The paper/article should be E- mailed to chief editor.

Declaration: The author has to give a declaration that paper/ article has not been published elsewhere. The printer, publisher and the editorial board are not responsible for the authenticity of the paper/article.